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My students love me on YELP 

amazing professor. Took time out of his way and went the extra mile to help me more with my major . his teaching methods make math look simple and care for his students is phenomenal.
 Evonne C, 

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Another Student
I was in a statistics course with Professor Christian Jarquin and throughout the semester he was extremely motivational and an incredible teacher. His teaching methods within the classroom are very comprehensive and although he is very thorough, he also provides many resources for further assistance with the material. His assignments are also justified and reasonable, and contributed a lot to my ultimate understanding of statistics.
He will answer all of your questions without judgement, and will always ensure that you are secure with the material.

Professor Jarquin Math Tutor YELP Reviews

Before I start off, let me just say this is probably my favorite class+teacher at Miami Dade College. I have to admit, I never really was good at math. However, the tables turned when I took a statistics class taught by Cristian. He's unlike any teacher I've ever had. To start off, he teaches in a real world way. Not just blatantly reading material, formulas, and so on. He makes his class interesting and engaging. His real life examples you give you an understanding of math that you've never had before. He makes it easy to understand for everyone. Furthermore, he genuinely cares about his students. He gives reasonable work, will extend something for you if you need, and so forth. He gives many opportunities for you to understand the material and succeed in the class. I was very pleased with him and after seeing his teaching skills I know he's an excellent tutor and anyone should choose him for their struggles. 

Clear, concise, and very knowledgeable. Christian has helped my 9th grader understand Algebra II. He has been very courteous and professional. He helps unravel the complicated formulas and makes my son feel intelligent and capable. We never feel rushed during the sessions. I love that he's always asking my son to explain what he's doing because that helps him remember. My son's grades have improved as have his confidence and attitude. Christian is a great teacher. I highly recommend his services. 

I am one of the people who is struggling with math for the most part, but your love towards the subject has the power of inspiring people to learn with ease. Not only that but you have the ability to teach a lot of material in a limited time in a way that is easily absorbed by students. I learned more math in this class for 12 weeks than in my whole high school career. I liked the way you teach with examples, encourage us to ask questions and are always ready to help. You bring out confidence which helps me pass each exam without the feelings of anxiety or fear. Thank you for everything, keep inspiring students! "  Todor

"Professor Jarquiin is the best professor you will ever have for math. He goes the extra miles to make you understand materials. He had a lot of patience for me when I was struggling in math. He motivated me when I was about to give up on my math class."  Jesus

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