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Miami Math Coach

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Professor Jarquin- Your Personal Tutor

- Master of Science in Mathematics &        Statistics
- Professional Teacher Certificate
- Math professor for nine years 
- Teach to YOUR learning style
- All practice tests come from offical test    materials . Learn more...


 FAQ SAT/ACT/HW Tutoring

We are a tutoring company specializing in test preparation. We are perfect for students who want to score higher on their SAT/ACT/GRE, as well as other preparatory exams. Online, group tutoring, and homework help is also available.

Professor Jarquin is a full time college Math and Statistics Professor. He loves teaching and left the financial industry in 2008 to pursue his calling to instruct the next generation of learners. Learning has to be fun, practical, and memorable. This is why he incorporates anecdotes of his corporate experience into the lessons he provides for his students. He earned a Professional Teaching Certificate from Miami Dade College School of Education. He learned to provide different learning assessments for his students and to teach to the students learning style. If your student is a visual learner, charts, graphs and pictures of the concept will be presented. If your student is an auditory learner, rhymes, songs and music will be taught to reinforce the material. For kinesthetic learners, 3D models are brought in to solidify the concept.

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Key differences from traditional professors:

* Master of Science in Mathematics and Statistics 

* SAT Instagram Videos that teach "out-of-the-box" winning strategies

* Makes learning fun, practical, memorable, and easy to understand

* Students LOVE my method of instruction (check out About Us)

* Free resources to learn basic math


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